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My reading coming true; Axl Rose and Slash friends again?

Incredibly a Tarot reading I did exactly one year ago predicting the reunion of Axl Rose and Slash, yesterday I read they are ‘friends again’. Before that friendship is ruined, share this so they can avoid some of the trouble coming towards them and the fans will get what the fans want…


Streaming music royalties – who is being ripped off?

Theeeey all complain about it. How the streaming music services online are killing the artists. How much truth is there to it? There is more sides to this story than the paycheck a guy receives from YouTube, Spotify or Pandora, that are their primary targets. When a radio DJ plays a song, they have to guess how many listeners they […]

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Extreme destruction of brilliance – the band is writing again…

I am a die-hard fan of Extreme. I promise. And as such, I can review each of their albums without having to even pause for breath or replay one to remind myself what it is like. Love the band, love Nuno, love Paul over K-Fig like a good fan should… Anyway, here’s the timeline for destruction, that to me is […]


Tarot: Axl Rose and Slash are far from being done yet

Everyone who isn’t completely dead to the rock scene wants Axl Rose and Slash to get along again. According to my Tarot reading, they are far, far from being done, and it is certainly not without hope to think they’d play together again.