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The Party - spirit connections

It is to be noted that my spirit attachments make me very indecisive

What me and my True Spirit Mirrors find hilarious fun, my less compatible soul connections hate

Two days ago, we were exhilarated about the idea of me simply starting calling myself a celebrity to see how people would react to it. We were having a good laugh about all the potential reactions, and we were certain it will take off as a right laugh for everyone involved. However, my other half of my “guidance” the spirits […]

Rock Fanstuff

Love and Mercy – the story of the Beach Boys

Probably one of the most under-valued movies ever..? I don't know?

This movie, on the surface, looks like just another rock movie with a soft, easy to watch and follow plot line, but it goes much, much deeper than that. There is so much brilliance so carefully hidden away that it is actually quite embarrassing to like – just like Beach Boys.

Rock Fanstuff

Personal story: I’m one of the blokes, but I’m a girl!

When I was a child, not more than 2, 3 years old, I insisted to grow my hair long so that people wouldn’t mistake me for a boy. My mother was more than baffled because I was a cute kid, and she thought I looked nothing like a boy. (The picture attached proves her wrong!) When I grew up a […]