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Flowerhat bullying: I don’t want to be talking about sex, stop talking about sex!

Here's how to react to others talking about sex... With a more grown up attitude than before.

I could take a grown-up, loving, and supporting approach to this post, and I will get that out of the way right now: Everyone has a right to seek for the kind of company they appreciate, including and not limited to eliminating all openly sexual people from their circle of friends, but what nobody should have the right to do […]

The Party - spirit connections To my True Spirit Mirrors

… and when I want to hear the exact story of how they met… He delivers

(Continuing on about another post.)

This is continuing the post “Imagine what this feels like if you can” I wrote on the 16th my time… Would have made it 15th his… Writing that post, I nearly wrote down the name of one of my guys, or he was about to channel to me by using his own name (that he loves) but as he did […]

Me The Party - spirit connections

The pressure of creating an interesting social media presence. :D

Look. Here I am sitting on my bed in my studio apartment!

As far as social media goes, if you’re not into my philosophy (as it seems most people are not), there’s seriously nothing to show anyone. My life is so freaking boring… The spirits near me are insisting me on telling them how I live through social media, at least, right? Send your ┬ámum some photos… Argh. Like one would assume […]

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The right to one's own self

I am overtly conscious of my family’s attitudes towards sex and sexuality. I am always conscious about everyone’s attitude towards anything, and I take pride in taking other people’s perspectives under account when I make my life decisions, although not everyone would even notice that I do – to many people I am completely selfish and WAAAAY out there for […]


Sexual oppression and why many great rock stars are so “feminine”

Whilst femininity in all of its forms is celebrated, masculinity is still being driven out of our culture because some women might get a tad uncomfortable with it. The fear of rape and male dominance has caused wide-spread oppression to male sexuality.