I might like it in there…



Pretty girls may play it safer than… the unattractive girls, if I may be blunt for a while

I know this is not necessarily a nice post but hell. We're all adults, no?

I need to say something… To men, primarily. This is again one of those posts that nobody is supposed to write or say, or think about, but I think it’s important to start discussing things among adult as they are, rather than treat adults like over-sensitive teen-agers who STILL cannot handle reality too well… But I’ll try to be as […]


204 friends and counting… Or do they?

Let me just make this comparison to you… I’ve been active on social media since the invention of freaking Blogger.com which was in 1999 or something. In all that time, I’ve made a few friends, met a few people, but NOWHERE have I made such a fast rise of friends as on AdultFriendFinder.com. Now, I understand that real life friends […]

To my True Spirit Mirrors

The difference between the nearly there and fully there… Men, I mean

The Fully There need no favors

The difference between the men I adore and the men I nearly loveĀ is that the ones I adore need me to make no effort in loving them. I love themĀ because I cannot help it. I do not produce the love I feel for them, I experience it. THEY make it happen in me, not me. I do not choose to […]