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How understanding not everyone loves you is not a sign of a poor self-esteem…

And how not realizing just how much people love you can still break you

Attached, you see a photo of me in 2001, when I was, probably, at my best ever, as far as looks and self-confidence went. I was playful, fun, good looking, sexy, popular, wanted, and what not, I had everything going for me at that stage, and I loved every minute of it. However… I still had a healthy level of […]


Becoming a rock star: Finding your charisma

A reader just sent me an email about charisma being the main ingredient in becoming a rock star and asking if charisma is something you’re born with or is it something you learn. And here’s the good news; it’s really neither. You discover your own charisma, some people are given help to find it from childhood on, some have been […]


Classics: I have to think differently (unedited)

It’s the night of Saint Valentine’s day, I just came home after a party with few friends and pals. It doesn’t happen often that someone asks a question about me that I cannot answer straight away. That is what happened this evening. The person in question told me he is a regular visitor to this site, which made me glad, […]