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Little Smut on Your Rock n’ Roll

Steven Tyler style...

I am not claiming to be a serious rock blogger or anything, but I do love my rock and I have plenty of things to say about it. I am a serious rock fan, however, even if I do not qualify by my own standards as a good fan. :D I feel like I never know about the stuff that […]

Rock Fanstuff

My insane crush on Steven Tyler and Joe Perry

And the eternal problem of how to become the meat in that sandwich

If only I had been a bit more aware at 18 when I was at the Aerosmith concert, virgin and invited to join Aerosmith in the backstage. If only. (I am forever going to be ashamed of the fact I was a virgin at 18, but whatever. I blew off a chance to be deflowered by Steven Tyler or Joe […]

Rock Fanstuff

The cheaters of rock

“I’m glad @IamStevenT is bonding with @nunobettencourt while @JoePerry is cheating on him with @RealAliceCooper and Johnny Depp. :D”

Rock Fanstuff

People who are walking past this guy do not deserve the air they breathe!

I am sorry I cannot find any information about who the heck this kid is, or even a YouTube version of this video to properly embed it, but he plays at some street corner there although he should be playing in front of packed audiences of tens of thousands of people at a time each throwing their money at him […]


What’s so hard about being a rock star?

Hahah, this is an odd thing that popped into my mind trying to explain to a classical music fanatic that why rock music is a whole different thing and how you do need to think about it differently to classical to understand it’s full value. An hour ago I was listening to Pavarotti enjoying every note he produced, cursing myself […]