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The hottest women in heavy/hard rock. Top…

If these girls don't do it for you, you are actually into girls, because these chicks have more balls than...

Here it is, I am listing the absolute hottest women in heavy metal / hard rock and the in between -genres in no particular order except I’ll add the coolest video for the last… (Video. You should go see Nita live, if you have not done so yet.) Phantom Blue Phantom Blue is my old favorite from the 90’s, and […]


Becoming a rock star: Finding your charisma

A reader just sent me an email about charisma being the main ingredient in becoming a rock star and asking if charisma is something you’re born with or is it something you learn. And here’s the good news; it’s really neither. You discover your own charisma, some people are given help to find it from childhood on, some have been […]


How to become a rock star?

Being a rock star has very little to do with your popularity or even your absolute musical talent. There are hugely┬átalented, working┬árock musicians out there who can’t really be called rock stars, because they don’t allow people to think about themselves in those terms. As a serious musician, you have to come to terms with the notion of being treated […]