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Oh Amber, I just can’t get enough of you, can I?

I must admit you're good. You're very, very good.

When the divorce between Heard and Depp became finalized, I predicted Amber Heard is going to sneak out of the deal of paying the charities by a) claiming that Depp hasn’t paid the money to her yet b) that her living costs are higher than expected and therefore she can’t honor the pledge or c) pays some of the money […]

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The dust settling: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, what to think of it now?

I have been pretty vocal about the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard thing, simply out of sheer frustration about not being able to do anything about it but to be forced to sit on the sidelines and watch the disaster unfold right in front of me. I am a certified life coach, a former abuse support group leader, a narcissistic […]

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Does Amber Heard have a Narcissisitic Personality Disorder?

I used to run a support group for the victims of domestic violence by people with a narcissistic personality disorder, (just rolls off your tongue, doesn’t it) and I have gotten pretty familiar with the condition. What is clear, is that when men display the traits we see them very easily, at least the outsiders, but when women have it, […]

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Johnny Depp abuses his kitchen cabinets and Amber Heard films it

OK, here’s the abuse in question. I am sure there’s much more to it, but this is certainly giving us a good peek to what Amber Heard has been talking about. So something has upset Johnny during the morning, we don’t know what it is, to me, it seems probably work related, and don’t think it is likely to be […]

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My past life with Johnny Depp’s previous incarnation Carl Jung

And Hermann Rorschard turning into Brad Pitt

If you’re already read this before, there’s an edit on 24.10.2016 regarding Brad Pitt below. When Michael Jackson died, a number of his twin flames came crawling out of the woodworks. They published books claiming to be his “twin flame” describing their spiritual connection to this man. Now, even though I don’t think they are lying, (just mistaken about the […]

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The Johnny and Amber saga

That I have gotten entirely too sucked into...

I must admit, I have gotten so deep into this, that every night before bedtime, I check the latest gossip on Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. I find their story fascinating… So I am just going to say as I see it, and, as most of you, my real life information is limited to the gossip, and the rest comes from […]

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Why is it anti-feminist to solely accuse the male in case of domestic violence

Note; This post is written well before the full story of what happened between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard unfolded. I leave it out there to make a point that I was able to accept the possibility that Depp was violent, and am not blinded to that possibility… At all. Obviously, we still don’t know all the facts but there […]

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Is it OK to still love Johnny Depp?

When the news hit, and I don’t think anyone needs an update, the media’s first instinct was to paint Amber Heard as a gold digger who saw an opportunity arise to skim Depp for millions. The domestic abuse was played down, made to sound ridiculous, even, in order to give us a fighting chance to keep believing that Johnny Depp […]

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Hollywood Vampires (Depp, Cooper and Perry) – serious?

OK. This is awkward. I love Depp. I love Perry. I only recently fell in love with Cooper. And still, I hesitate. And yes, I even love Depp on guitar, not just being a great actor, he’s got a nice sound to his guitar playing, very unique and recognizable, which is always a fantastic thing to hear. Not just another […]

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Aged stars

Last night, I saw this appalling attempt of entertainment, The Expendables 3, written by Sylvie Stallone and star studded from top to bottom with aged action heroes and Jason Statham, who obviously is still at the height of his career. As terrifying as the story line was (and not in the good way) I was enjoying the age of these men much […]