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My insane crush on Steven Tyler and Joe Perry

And the eternal problem of how to become the meat in that sandwich

If only I had been a bit more aware at 18 when I was at the Aerosmith concert, virgin and invited to join Aerosmith in the backstage. If only. (I am forever going to be ashamed of the fact I was a virgin at 18, but whatever. I blew off a chance to be deflowered by Steven Tyler or Joe […]

Rock Fanstuff

Hollywood Vampires (Depp, Cooper and Perry) – serious?

OK. This is awkward. I love Depp. I love Perry. I only recently fell in love with Cooper. And still, I hesitate. And yes, I even love Depp on guitar, not just being a great actor, he’s got a nice sound to his guitar playing, very unique and recognizable, which is always a fantastic thing to hear. Not just another […]

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Why Skynyrd instead of Aerosmith

Amongst many other memories shared by @joeperry in his book that you all know about already, he mentions backing out of renting a plane that crashed with Lynyrd Skynyrd on board a week later. Talk about chills, right? Was it luck? Did God decide to kill at least one dirty rock n’ roll band off the face of the Earth? […]

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Dreams of Nuno Bettencourt and Steven Tyler coming true

Adding Joe Perry and Johnny Depp into the mix would not be bad.

About a year ago, I wanted Nuno Bettencourt to stop touring with Rihanna. (Nothing against the girl, just that I missed my rock dude Nuno.) Then, I wanted Nuno to join forces with Aerosmith. OK. 2/3 of the way there. I’ve got Steven Tyler in, but I’m still to hear a good mashup between Extreme and Aerosmith; √Ą√§rismith, I’ve already […]

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Embarrassing confessions about my rock fandom

I am a bit of a snob when it comes to my rock n’ roll. As soon as I hear something I don’t like, I turn my nose up at the entire band. (Then again, I did forgive Aerosmith for Angel and Lightning Strikes, and Extreme for… Ehrm… The entire III Sides… *cough*) I am also super conscious of the […]


You rock me so hard, Joe Perry

I think it is completely unfair that men like Joe Perry are allowed to walk around with a wedding band on teasing little girls with their unavailable rock studness. It’s bad enough a rock star gets married, but it’s unbearable when they are publicly turning down female fans on their Twitter feed, flashing their wedding ring left and right. “Married.” […]


Tarot: Axl Rose and Slash are far from being done yet

Everyone who isn’t completely dead to the rock scene wants Axl Rose and Slash to get along again. According to my Tarot reading, they are far, far from being done, and it is certainly not without hope to think they’d play together again.


I love a bit of smut on my rock n’ roll

Now, I’m not gonna lie to you. I love pretty boys playing loud music. Pretty boys or pretty men, all the same. For me to absolutely fall in love with a band, there has to be that Jim Morrison slither, Steven Tyler demon dance, Joe Perry strut, Nuno Bettencourt’s kind restraint of sexual moteons just to save little girls’ private […]


How drug rehab ruins rock n’ roll

Yeah I know. Drugs are bad, but getting off them can spoil the fun for everyone…. Getting off them before you are ready to, that is. Getting off drugs when you want to do it is a whole different matter than getting off them because you’re told to; that can kill your soul. When Aerosmith was getting way too high […]


The Boat that Rocked

The movie is already gone and shown, but so are the times it was describing so in a way it doesn’t matter the movie came out in 2009 already. It was one of those movies, alongside of American Graffiti 1973, that just tugs me by the heart strings and whispers in my ear: “You missed all of it.” The rebellion, […]