I might like it in there…


About my Karmic Soulmates Insanity

The curious question of my age. :D

(Why do they all ask?)

One of my favorite things for people to be confused about is my age. I freaking love it. At the same time, I understand it is a bit of a backhanded compliment, considering that I do not have anything material to show for my age, and at the same time, that would be the compliment. I haven’t changed much in […]

The Party - spirit connections Thoughts

Why am I taking so long…

Most startups take 2 years to make a┬áprofit if they survive the first year at all, with proper investment and setup. Overnight success, apparently, takes anywhere from five to 20 years, and that is sort of what I am aiming for… I started out with no investment, with zero help, and, zero preparation. I actually didn’t INTEND for any of […]


My previous incarnations

I am going to be claiming the names of some very famous and powerful women in history, both named mythological, or out-and-out fictional, but I am saying their stories were based on me and the lives of my soulmates, who are also present in all of these stories. I am not going to go through them all yet, let’s just […]