I might like it in there…



204 friends and counting… Or do they?

Let me just make this comparison to you… I’ve been active on social media since the invention of freaking Blogger.com which was in 1999 or something. In all that time, I’ve made a few friends, met a few people, but NOWHERE have I made such a fast rise of friends as on AdultFriendFinder.com. Now, I understand that real life friends […]

To my True Spirit Mirrors

What do I want from my people? MY people?

As if I hadn't made this clear enough...

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series What Do I Want For Myself Personally

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series What Do I Want For Myself PersonallyThis post has a purpose of scaring away the weakling as much as to reassure the right people that yeah, I DO mean them. In many ways, my ideal people are social outcasts and oddities who may not think they are the first choice […]

The Party - spirit connections

More on that self-isolation and what is to come.

It's called the Purge

During the last five years, I’ve gradually cut contact to near all of my former friends. This has been a little bit of a social experiment on who would notice if I’m gone, among other things. Although I understand sometimes a person disappearing is taken as a sign this relationship is over – and in the case of some friends […]

About Celebrity

Friends and fame; dragging people into the lime-light with… me… you?

A weird thing to notice about myself.

I just noticed something about myself in very clear terms. It’s something I’ve ALWAYS known, but it only became crystal clear to me just recently: I don’t really like being friends with people who don’t want to be famous. This, in reverse, means that I want to be friends with people who either are famous or want to be famous. […]