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Rants Mothafucka

Salt about women and men and my anti-feminist views

The collective feminine is weak, under-handed, manipulative, self-serving, and self-congratulating, not the fucking Mother Goddess it claims to be

I have said it before, and I will probably die screaming out “power back to the male gender!” but I’ll rinse and repeat: Women demand a lot of stuff. They demand equal treatment without them having to act or perform equally, they demand that the bar is lowered so they can climb over it (with the help of men preferably,)¬†and […]

To my MissGuides

I guess I have to write this out; Why don’t I care what people say behind my back

To the ashtonisment of the gossipers

I have never thought twice about what people say behind my back about, most likely, about my sexual behavior. I know that people have spoken about it, some, at least, but it never stops to make me gasp for air how STILL this day and age, people can be amazed or shocked about someone who is non-monogamous or has otherwise¬†non-standard […]

Rants Mothafucka

Men making movies for men with man money -complaints

This shit just gives us all a bad name

As of late, I’ve become more and more frustrated about this Victorian Era female variation of feminism that relies on men to do everything for the poor frail woman who cannot freaking lift a finger without a forklift operated by a guy, because, obviously, without being a lesbian, operating a forklift is beyond the capacities of a female – even […]