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Sexual oppression and why many great rock stars are so “feminine”

Haven’t we all wondered about it at some stage or another… Why are rock stars so feminine? What is it about them that forces them to dress in girly clothes, wear more makeup than your teenaged sister and pamper themselves with loteons and beauty creams like any wealthy woman would… And still, women are falling over themselves to have a chance at one night with one of them. These men are sexual magnets, and yet, there is hardly any obvious sign of masculinity… And that, dear people, is a sign of fear of masculinity and masculine sexuality that is rampant in our culture.

Rock stars NEED to exude sexual energy to become huge. That is what women need in order to go crazy over the rockers, and that, in turn makes a rock band (as opposed to metal band) big, but since masculine sexuality is linked to aggression, dominance and power, our society does not approve of such form of sexuality and they are forced to reel it in, hide it, and control it. Rock n’ roll is about shameless sexuality, but our society only allows the display of feminine sexuality, and a lot of straight men do display a lot of feminine qualities (Steven Tyler, for instance, is a great example) but a whole lot of others are as masculine as they come, and these men are required to pack it in and keep it packed away at all times, or else. Other musical genres are not nearly as dependent on the display of sexuality as rock is, this includes heavy metal and other, more romantic musical genres, that mostly avoid the topic of sexuality.

Women congratulate men who are not afraid to show their “feminine side” but compared to showing one’s true masculinity, it’s a walk in the park. Femininity in all of its forms is well celebrated and supported by the society, while masculinity is seen as the enemy of everything virtuous.

Huge male stars are almost without exception particularly non-threatening to women. Prince, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury as a few obvious examples. If you want to bring in sexual elements into your art, you need to be either a female, feminine or particularly pro-female to do it. The mere suggestion that men would have the right to promote or idealize male sexuality, male dominance, and masculine virtues will probably churn your stomach – and that is a certain tell-tell sign of gender bias, too. Non-musicians can become massively big without the display of sexuality because their craft doesn’t require it, like actors, who can display masculinity for as long as they hide and obstruct their sexuality, that would be far too threatening to the female audience. The fear of rape has taken epidemic forms, yet, women all over the world are missing the rush of masculine dominance, whilst also being guilted into shutting all thoughts of that kind out of their minds, out of loyalty to the fellow female.

Masculine sexuality doesn’t mean rampant sexual violence, but that is the way it is treated by and large. Women who fear masculine sexual dominance should keep well away from these men – and clearly, if it is so easy to see that these men need to hide their sexuality, it should be easy for women to identify these men, too. The way I see it, the requirement of obstruction of dominant male sexuality is simply something that men are forced to do so that sensitive female folk would not get too uncomfortable around them in a polite society. I feel that is far, far too much to ask in return for the slight discomfort of a fraction of women, and also sexist towards modern, capable women to think that they would be too frail and incompetent to deal with the mere existence of masculine, dominant men.

As it is, the non-threatening rock star type is the “come and get it if you want it” type – clearly, something to salivate over, but at the same time, the earth-shaking, soul-shivering, smoldering type of masculine dominance: “Give me the eye and I will ravish you” -type is rocking to the tune of: “No worries, no fear, I have got no cock nor balls, no desire I must conquer, I am here just for the music.”

What to do about it? I don’t know. I am simply sad it exists. I like my men hot under the collar, I like them taking over. I am sick and tired handling out permission slips for a man to touch me a certain way – the way it feels I must do… Sick of begging for men to simply give into their desires and let me enjoy my femininity. I do not fear their fire, I crave it, and here they are, politely putting it out for me so my sensitive feminine mind wouldn’t get too scared or needlessly offended.

Modified on June 22, 2015

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