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Salt about women and men and my anti-feminist views

The collective feminine is weak, under-handed, manipulative, self-serving, and self-congratulating, not the fucking Mother Goddess it claims to be

I have said it before, and I will probably die screaming out “power back to the male gender!” but I’ll rinse and repeat:

Women demand a lot of stuff. They demand equal treatment without them having to act or perform equally, they demand that the bar is lowered so they can climb over it (with the help of men preferably,) and that men take back all demands on women, all requests they have, all the while they raise their bar for the men, ask for more, demand more, and accuse men of more. Women, collectively speaking, are a gender who refuses to take responsibility for their own actions, accuses ANYONE and EVERYONE but themselves or the female gender, and sift all blame back to men, who are more than used to carry the load for both genders.

Historically, women have been treated like children. This has hardly been something that men have underhandedly and with a malice intent done to them, but it’s a mere practicality; women were vulnerable with the children, and the men took the naturally fallen position of protecting the women and children from all possible dangers. Neither gender had much a chance to change this dynamic, obviously, but that didn’t stop some women from becoming warriors next to the men, business women, and craftsmen and artists, philosophers and what not, simply by their own choosing of doing so – and there has never, and will likely ever be, a strong man who would have an issue with that. In my past incarnations, I’ve been that woman, who has always traveled with men, worked with men or for men, being taken under the wing of men… In one particular memory flashback, I was standing surrounded by men on a battle field, the men around me would pick my opponent for me, the smallest one, the young boys or small men, while they took on the big strong men. They let the small guy into my circle, and I would behead him or pierce him with my sword – this was not a time to play the hero, or to demand equal treatment as a warrior because that shit gets you killed. I was smaller, I was weaker, but by no means was I a coward… Or stupid enough to think my friends should have risked my life and their own life by allowing me to fight men twice my size in the name of my frail ego.

Some years back, I read a quote from a female politician back in Finland: “I refuse to be physically weaker than men” she proclaimed. I was 20, and I laughed at her naivety. “You can refuse to be physically weaker than a lion all you want, but that doesn’t change facts, missy,” I thought at her before contemptuously tossing the stupid woman-rag out of my hands. Refusal of being what you are is not going to change the fact that even if you did all the training possible at the gym (she hadn’t, she was normal size woman, which made the quote absolutely incoherent), you might be a lot stronger than MOST men, but certainly not stronger than all men. That is a physical impossibility for a female, and it is absolutely idiotic that women do not seem to get this shit in order in their heads: Refusing to see reality doesn’t make you equal to men who are NOTHING if not realists about their own abilities (because not being realistic about one’s abilities is the shit that gets you killed, remember), and you’ll only wind up hurting yourself, and as a consequence those who you insist will ignore the fact that You Are Not As Skilled, Strong, or Able as others around you, male or female.

Reincarnationally, not all women have the freaking experience on this shit. Reincarnationally, men have an instinct of how to build companies from the scratch, they know how to protect their country, they know how to live outside the home without sweating it, for the vast majority of women, this is still scary as hell, the reality is a tough nut to swallow, and women who claim they want equal treatment to men often mean they want men to keep treating them like the babies they were accustomed to be treated as in previous centuries; the delicate beings that should be appeased and kept to their illusions of grandiosity and superiority; “you are the most beautiful girl in the world, dear” just the way they always were.

If women want equal treatment, they must accept the attitude of Donald Trump, who doesn’t give too effin’ shits what you have in your business pants. If he thinks you’re an asshole, he’s going to call you that, because he actually doesn’t give women pity points for the fact they’re born the weaker gender. Have you noticed the women that support Trump? One more gorgeous than the other. Women who DO NOT NEED favors. Intelligent women, successful women, women who do not sign up for feminist views in the fear of men, but who actually believe they SHOULD and CAN stand on their own two feet rather than being molly-coddled and told niceties that simply aren’t true.

Currently, men are being BRAINWASHED into accepting all and any demands women make on the male gender. I don’t know if this is an urban legend or what, but I heard they’re redesigning Finnish street signs to be more gender ambiguous, I mean WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS SOCIETY?! Women are, I believe, making this shit up at times just to feel important and “up with the times”. Like Finland, for instance, is one of the most naturally gender-equal countries there are, but I bet there are women in my country who feel they would be ‘backward’ if they didn’t take feminist issues wherever they can find them… And if street signs are their cause of concern… Wow.

You wonder why women are now outnumbering men in Universities and other high-education establishments… I tell you why. The requirements and demands have been lowered systematically since feminism took over. Why? To give women half a chance of succeeding. As a side effect, men who actually appreciate an intellectual challenge and a chance to prove themselves no longer find these establishments exciting or interesting to finish, after all, what’s the point? EVERYONE passes, so why sweat it? They’ll take a challenge worthy of an intelligent individual such as starting a business from the scratch with no capital. Women, on the other hand, want to FEEEEEEL equal or superior to men, and are patting themselves back on the fact that women are now “smarter than men” even though what is seen on the paper is actually not really true… In fact, Mensa scores are still showing men to be more intelligent than women, and I swear to GOD those people are also, in the name of feminism, not showing the actual difference in IQ scores that would freaking destroy the myth of the equal female.

When the women apply for a job, they figure their education should be the only qualifying factor in both hiring decisions and payment structure. Not the scores, but the fact she passed the same school as a guy did. They also fail to accept that personality, affinity, the non-scorable traits also play a part in the workforce, and the attitude of “I need you all help me finish this because I’m a girl and need you to be respectful of that” is not going to be making you the male-equal woman of the year.

I wonder how many lives have been lost by female police officers, fire fighters, and soldiers insisting that they’d be treated equally to men, while failing in the line of duty… I am sure there are true female heroes out there in these jobs, no question about it, but how much more work do THEY need to do in order to be respected, when the other half is there just flying the pussy flag.

What happens when a man tries to say something about this? He’s silenced as a chauvinist pig. Luckily, I’m a woman and I can say something without being COMPLETELY destroyed as a result, but here’s the kicker: As a woman, I am a gender-traitor if I speak against women. I am also being attacked by men who don’t want to be coaxed to the dark side, and, to boot, women accuse me of “using underhanded methods to make men fall in love with me / like me” by giving them what they want and need… Please read that again. Women think it’s underhanded or a low blow against the collective female that one or two women out there would actually want to make a man happy and give him what he needs, deserves, and wants. May I repeat that. Women think it is underhanded and unfair of a woman to be giving men the idea that they’d deserve or had the right to expect fair, loving, caring, and supportive treatment from a woman, not to mention sexual acts that no woman should “lower themselves to agree a man to do to them”. (Have I mentioned my Adult Friend Finder -profile? ;) )

Women are still waging a war on men, not the other way around. Not until men are suppressed under the female power will they relax. Of course, then they will be complaining about men who do not perform their duties and thanking the women for giving them the honor of serving them hand and foot! This is already the case… Women expect men to do EVERYTHING for them, give them everything, but a man who dares to ask love for all of this work, or appreciation… Or fucking anything… A TRAITOR, A CHAUVINIST, A MAN-PIG!

When I mentioned, in a spirit conversation, that women should be, in the name of equality, also expected to go to war, or that men shouldn’t go either if women are not expected to, or if the war wasn’t important enough for the sacrifice of female lives, the women reacted with what…. Care to guess… “But who do we force to go to war if we can’t make men go..?!” Remember that these are the same people who believe men are solely responsible for starting wars. Shall we all just agree that if the cause isn’t worth the blood of the female, then fuck it’s not worth the blood of the men either.

I am with the early feminists, don’t get me wrong. I fully believe women should have the same rights as men, but not automatic privileges that accomplished people have. I believe women should have the chance to prove their worth… but before I go to that, let’s just throw yet another one of those double standards in here.

You know how women complain about how few movies are made for women or girls..? You know? You know… Can you read into that? Women are complaining about how few movies are made for women…. Beeeecause MEN are not making movies for women and girls. I mean, what the fuck is wrong with these people?! If they want movies made for women, then fuck, make movies for women, why do MEN have to make movies for women, they’re the ones paying for them, right? They’re the ones who own the companies and they should be the ones deciding what shit comes out from there. If women want companies run by women, fucking start them! Nobody is standing in your way… Except one thing: Competent people who just happen to be men.

Speaking of movies, did you see the Ghost Busters remake? What a travesty of an attempt to a feminist backlash at men. A script that was clearly rewritten to kiss feminist ass simply made women make fools out of themselves while allowing Hemsworth steal the show by being genuinely charming. Score: men +1 women -3. There’s been several awful artificial feeling feminist plot lines in the movies in the past year that have simply made me scream for mercy rather than feel all empowered…

Women complain about the glass roof or the male privilege or what not, but that is all bullshit. Women can’t hack it because they just can’t. I am no fucking different. I am struggling to take my business off the ground, and I’m one of the fucking smart ones. The reason why I struggle is because I have little previous life experience on running my own show. I don’t have ready-made business partner soulmates that will just pick up my offer because they know I’m the best in the business, all I have is a legion of men who are used to taking care of me as their friend and their ally and their lover – but I insisted on doing this alone in this lifetime, I wanted to see how far I’d go without my men always backing me up. Here’s how far: Fucking nowhere. :D I cannot do business with women as I freaking hate them – also they don’t pay too well because they feel everything should be given to them for free or from a friend or for the exchange of a brilliant pie recipe, but they hate the idea of paying someone something… So I have men who don’t want to get involved with someone their wife would not approve of… So here I am but I’m not writing this to complain, I’m just saying we are still learning the ropes and there is NO FREAKING REASON to think we SHOULD know how to do things as well as men who have had yonks of experience in all things male. If we can have an intelligent conversation with a guy we should be freaking proud of not being as shit as other women. :p

However… Women HAVE GOT TO STOP begging for favors and privileges and stepping stones, and start working at it, or to go the fuck home and mind the kids if that’s what she prefers (and a lot of women would)… And that, I also say with all the love to the fellow female; You Don’t HAVE TO succeed in business. You have the RIGHT TO succeed, not an obligation to. You can just enjoy family life, and as much as I love to get into the man’s world that I love and adore and have always felt I belong in, that does not mean all women should follow suit. In fact, I believe that feminists have put a lot of pressure on the normal woman to succeed and push harder and try harder on things she doesn’t really care about while thinking EVERYONE would want what the early feminists wanted.

And, of course, there’s the odd occasional wanker of a guy who doesn’t want women in his workplace by simple insistence men are men and what not, but do not confuse him with a guy who doesn’t want an incompetent woman to take the place of a competent man by simply having the pussy pass…


By the way: Racists believe there is something wrong or shameful about being black or non-caucasian. In comparison; These feminists believe there is something wrong or shameful about being… a man, particularly a masculine one, or the lover of one, just like the racists believe it to be wrong or shameful to love someone of another race than your own.

A lot to learn, girls, a lot to learn… And do not teach your girls to hate boys or masculine traits in the name of feminism, mothers… It’s just as short-sighted as teaching kids to hate other races or whatever else stupidity parents get to.



EDIT: I am half listening to a Q&A episode (in Australia) about “all things female” and I knew at the introduction this was going to provoke me again… So the first opinion presented… I deliberately didn’t listen to it fully, but anyway. Somewhere in this world women protested for something and decided to walk out of their work places for a day. Now this woman was gushing at the POWER of women; “if women don’t work, things stop working, we are important”. Fuck. FuCKU FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK YOU, is pretty much my instant emotions. So… Here we have a group of workers who decide to walk out of their jobs for a day, and they are SURPRISED things don’t work after that? This is women’s logic these days. “We work, we have a salary for our work, but we are still surprise dthat if we stop working without letting our employer know that we’re not working for that day, THINGS WILL STOP WORKING.” No shit, people. No shit? What a way to feel important!


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