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Pretty girls may play it safer than… the unattractive girls, if I may be blunt for a while

I know this is not necessarily a nice post but hell. We're all adults, no?

I need to say something… To men, primarily. This is again one of those posts that nobody is supposed to write or say, or think about, but I think it’s important to start discussing things among adult as they are, rather than treat adults like over-sensitive teen-agers who STILL cannot handle reality too well… But I’ll try to be as delicate as I can… Because there has to come a time or an age when people are ready to handle reality as it is.

OK. We’re not all beautiful. We are not all wanted equally by the opposite gender. Those are facts that are facts, sad or whatever, they are what they are. Now… With all the slut-shaming going on in this society, mostly by women who want to control other women from sleeping with too many men in order to ensure everyone gets some attention, there is a persistent belief that men don’t really love girls who sleep with a lot of guys, let alone would marry them… But the reality is that this is a partial truth only.

SOME men love girls who are chaste and demure, and who are careful not to sleep with too many men, but… Due to simple mathematics and if nothing more then as a result of my empiric research; a lot more men love an easy lay, they appreciate a girl who sleeps with men As If She Enjoyed It, Too!

Because men are made to believe that women don’t really have sexual desires and that they do this just as a favor to men, men always tend to feel a little guilty about having sex with a woman, and they, I think, are always a little bit over-careful about how they go about things especially when they are head-over-heels in love with a girl – or suspect this girl might be The One.

Now… Pretty, attractive, popular, and wanted girls know they have the market advantage, so to speak, they can pretty much point a finger at a guy and have whomever they like, right? These kind of girls rarely risk that advantaged position by ruining their reputation with lots of men, EVEN IF they were the kind that would enjoy casual sex if they gave themselves the permission to. This leads to a situation, that there’s a massive difference in the number of really great guys who are more than acutely aware of their sexual frustrations and the number of good looking, quality girls who are actually sexually open and adventurous, at least to the point where they’d feel completely free to express themselves without the fear of not being loved due to their strong desire for sex. A good-looking, smart girl with everything going for them otherwise will completely sweep men off their feet so easily it is… amazing. However… That is not the whole point I’m aiming at.

Men get easily locked up when they find themselves courting someone who they realize is of a ‘higher rank’ than the average girl. The guy himself could be a young, good-looking millionaire with 2 million fans, but he’d STILL feel the fear that he’s offending this woman and her sensibilities in some way, should he express his sexuality with her freely. The natural male sexuality is largely oppressed by the society and suppressed by the men themselves… And the sexually free women rarely get satisfied because they are always suffering for the too much respect and fear -effect the rarity of their kind create in the men who simply don’t want to screw up their chances with her by being too sexual and too… shameless.

In the mean while… The less attractive girls have a trump card to play: Because the attractive girls are playing their cards safe, the less attractive ones play with sexual offers. They throw it out there because they know that a guy who is in love with a hot chick is not going to get sexually satisfied by her (since she’s playing it safe) so she’ll pull all the stops and makes him cum as hard as he’s humanly able at any opportunity she gets. Now, she has the upper hand, because any normal guy will love a woman who gives herself to him fully over a calculating woman who will not allow him to express his sexuality fully with her.

The moral of this story?

It is absolute bullocks that men don’t love sexually adventurous women, sluts even… and…

It is also bullshit that women want respect out of men; they too want the permission to enjoy themselves and most women simply want a guy to… hmm… corrupt them, and to allow them to be the raw female that they are, to release them from the fear of not being loved if they appear “too slutty”.

And… The road to a man’s heart does not travel through his mouth, it travels through his cock.

Having said that, may I remind you that I mentioned that SOME men love demure girls. All you need to find is ONE MAN to be the one you want. ONE. Don’t think that’s too much to ask. Hold true to who you are – no matter which way you swing.

Modified on March 8, 2017

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