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My new found confidence and running from mum at sight

I thought she'd never join Facebook.

I know I’ve wanted to sort of be public about who I am, amongst many things, a bit of a kinkster. I have a profile on Facebook that was meant to be a bit naughty but I didn’t use it, the profile photos just ghosted around with mutual friends list, and I’m sure a lot of people got a little bit more than what they bargained for when they found it, although nothing too bad was shared. However… When mum joined up, I figured it was time to remove it completely, because there is no way to stop things from popping up with the mutual friends thing that I absolutely hate.

The thing tho… Some days back, when I created that AdultFriendFinder profile, mum was relieved about seeing how much I loved talking to these guys – on spirit level, of course. I haven’t really spoken or seen her in ages, but on the spirit level she said she’d never seen me happier and as such, she was cool with who I am and that was the nicest thing ever for me. I think I cried a little. But.

NOW she joins Facebook? I feel stalked. I am happy that she did join, finally, don’t get me wrong, makes keeping touch a whole lot easier, but… I still don’t want to actually talk to her about my private stuff in actuality, not in a freaking hurry anyway, and I don’t want to start with what the fuck do you have a naughty profile on Facebook for..? There’s tons of other stuff I need to talk through first… And the reason why I wanted to throw this in her face before was that I figured that would break our relationship permanently should that ever come out, but now I know it won’t and I don’t really want to bond through that stuff with my mum, it REALLY  IS NONE OF HER BUSINESS, I want her to know about it, sort of, but I don’t want to talk about it. I want her to be aware that I am not quite as vanilla as the expectation, but I don’t want to share any details, and I do not intend to get into an argument about it that would force/trigger me to share things that don’t concern her and that I don’t want her to know about.

So I rush to delete profiles, read my posts through from a couple of years back – luckily I haven’t posted a lot – and removed only a couple of dead links… But… There was an “omg mom is coming” moment. :p

But. It’s good to have her on FB finally. Maybe she’ll get to know me a bit.

Modified on March 14, 2017

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