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My best tip to having guys swoon at your feet…

And not everyone will be able to do this, either.

My spirit following, the women, are always asking me one question: “How do you make guys fall in love with you so fast?” The first answer is always: “I don’t make them do anything,” but things are a bit more simple than that:

I see them for who they are, instead of someone I wish they were. I see all of what they are, and I love what I see (if I do, when I do). I make them fall in love with themselves rather than make them fall in love with me. I give them the loving acceptance that any human person craves for, and it is completely authentic; I love men, I love the way they think, I love the way they interact together, with women, whatever, I love the way they joke, I love the way they do things… I don’t have to pretend they are girls with dicks or go about the relationship trying to curb all signs of him being a masculine male and love the man, not the pseudo-female so many other women seek for. Men deserve and need love that so often is denied from the male.

I see them for who they are, and I also let them be who they are. I don’t try to control them, baby them or mother them, I don’t watch them to do their chores – I trust them to be grown people who can manage their own lives and environments without constant supervision… And they don’t need a woman managing their lives. I treat them like men, and therefore, they treat me like a woman, not like their mother.

The other half of this answer is this: I am never going to be thinking that just being a (pretty) girl is enough to capture a guy’s heart and attention. I do not underestimate their intelligence and philosophical side. It is not enough to just give love, you have to have something TO LOVE about you, too. And that means that you have to be an independently thinking person, Your Own Person, not a carbon copy of the rest of the female gender, your friends, or your mother.

And that’s the last time I’ll give you a clue on that.

Modified on March 5, 2017

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