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I need to change tact… Although this has been my goal all along.

Teach the aware to focre the unaware to evolve or fall behind

Now imagine this. Umm… Call me an anti-feminist and I wear that brand proudly, but women have gotten away with relatively little demands since forever. If the biggest complaint a woman has is that she is required to be pretty and bear children, then… She’s got it pretty good, don’t you think, compared to men who have the requirement of being everything a woman needs, being everything his boss needs, (and his wife needs him to be everything his boss needs), and then to be everything his community and country needs. A woman simply has to be whatever she feels up to… If she feels guilty for this privilege, without attempting to ease the man’s load, she should feel guilty.

Women have an endless list of requirements on men, and the requirements that women say come from men are fairly solely their own imagination or observation; men prefer good looking girls, but then again, women prefer good looking men, and that’s not a surprise. However, women have a permission to prefer good looking men, men don’t have a permission of preference at all. Now… What if men should be given the permission to actually demand something more out of women; or, to EXPECT something more of their women, both those they marry and those they hire? What if the strong women would stand firm on the side of the men who they’ve proven themselves to, and not allow women to moan and complain their way into receiving goods and services they didn’t really pay, trade, or give back for… In any way at all? So many women consider things their right, and if a man doesn’t give his time, help, money, protection, jobs, love and approved level sexual attention to her, she considers him a bad man…

I need to educate those who understand empathy, emotion, spirit, personal standards, honor, respect, appreciation of other people, appreciation of talent and intelligence, higher values of all kinds, to not feel ashamed of feeling used, to notice more things around them, and that no matter how talented or gifted, a person has a right to ask for love, too, and to NEED love, not just be the one giving love, and allowing himself to be patted and mollycoddled by people he or she doesn’t love just so these people can imagine that they are in a real love relationship.

What if I could teach people to raise their own standards for others, and teach them to elevate themselves and their own kind, to teach the talented to know more and to reach new heights, and to essentially break free from the average in such ways, that the average finally has to learn how to teach themselves and to figure things out for themselves instead of the eternal spoon-feeding that the intelligent and aware have always tried to do for them, that doesn’t really bring any real results. What if the difference between having children or not having children of your own was dependent on becoming more self-aware and more aware of the needs of the man? Wouldn’t that be a freaking incentive to snap into gear? Not that anyone would be stopping them, just that people who can hold certain standards for others would do it – for their own sake – eventually cutting the emotional and romantic bottom feeders off the circuit automatically, and forcing them to mate among their own or freaking evolve.

Our old approach to teach the unevolved, the people who cannot think for themselves to think doesn’t work. It’s like trying to teach a lazy 5th to the throne prince to fish for himself. Useless. He’s got no motivation or need to. For as long as we give everything for free, our love, our care, our appreciation, our attention, and our submission to the use of the weak, they are never going to learn, are they? No matter how much we try to pour information in it they won’t take it unless it benefits them somehow; aka. more power to them, less power to those who are already their servants. The only thing that needs to change for a global evolution to re-ignite is to stop pampering those who we don’t even love or feel true respect for to begin with. We are trying to teach them to be respectable, but all they are picking up on is how to be more manipulative. That has to stop.

Yeah, so this has to be put in an eloquent form. :D I am afraid I will have to create yet another blog… From scratch and try not to reuse any of my 20 odd books worth of text! :D

Modified on March 15, 2017

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