I might like it in there…


The X stands for the Why


The emotional conflict of wanting to be a celebrity…

Even when one already is considered one.

It is profoundly uncool to admit to wanting the label of a celebrity or being OK with it. How many times have we heard people deny it being fun or worth aiming for, all the while as you know these people would hate to NOT be famous or talked about. There is a massive conflict in there, the requirement to […]


Celebrity – The permission to be weird and obscure. And, if necessary; dirty.

The less emphasized perks of being a celebrity

Over the last few weeks (or months *cough*) I’ve developed a habit of sleeping in my slacky dacks (which is Tasmanian for job pants) and a t-shirt, get up without showering and continuing the day as normal, only to take a shower mid-day after walking to the store and back. I vowed to stay in bed until I’m famous, so […]


Why would anyone want to be a celebrity?

You'll never have any privacy...

I’ve never quite understood the value of privacy myself. I’ve always wanted to be… talked about, and as such, understood. People don’t understand a person who they are too afraid to look at. In a sense, I understand people are also afraid of getting too close to celebrities too, I’m one of those people; like watching Madonna decorate her house […]