I might like it in there…


The X stands for the To my True Spirit Mirrors

To my True Spirit Mirrors

How nuts am I allowed to go when one of you likes two of my Instagram photos?


It felt like a bait, because I always yap about my age vs. aging stuff, so I said something. I feel that 16-year old fangirl creeping up. Sorry. I can’t help it.

To my True Spirit Mirrors

I am a little bit lost as who and how I am, but better than ever before

When you've spent most of your life trying to be descreet about your inner self, "coming out" is not exactly simple

Homosexuals are not the only people who need to come out of the closet at some stage. Straight people are probably deeper in there than anyone, particularly the ones who have a lot to lose by being exactly who they are. I’ve always had a FAIRLY open manner about my sexuality, even though I pick my time and places, and […]

To my True Spirit Mirrors

I applied for a job today…

The timing of it is interesting, but I wonder if it's another "trap"

I must admit. Without the word “celebrity” in the job description, I don’t think I would have applied, as close to home as the job hits. Social media and what not, combined with a slight opportunity to be locked into the same place days on end with the said group of people. Also. There is a cruise ship or two involved, […]

To my True Spirit Mirrors

The difference between the nearly there and fully there… Men, I mean

The Fully There need no favors

The difference between the men I adore and the men I nearly love is that the ones I adore need me to make no effort in loving them. I love them because I cannot help it. I do not produce the love I feel for them, I experience it. THEY make it happen in me, not me. I do not choose to […]

To my True Spirit Mirrors

I like a bad boy as much as the next girl… But for a different reason

They give me room to breathe.

Women tend to love bad boys for a very different reason than I do. I actually see a philosopher, an anarchist (aka a freedom fighter), an intellectual (too smart to go with the flow) and such things in many men that would be regarded “bad boys”… And even when some of them get described “so nice” “so calm” or “genius, […]

About my family To my True Spirit Mirrors

I always wanted to date an orphan

Although I once was in a long (in my books) relationship with a guy whose mom I loved so much I was half thinking of staying because his mom was so cool, but for the most part… I wish families weren’t there. Considering how my family is with me, I find it VERY HARD to be happy about someone else’s […]

About my Karmic Soulmates To my True Spirit Mirrors

Why I am not there yet…

If you are listening but not getting any answers on this one...

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series What Do I Want For Myself Personally

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series What Do I Want For Myself PersonallyThis is going to be sort of multi-layered, so please bear with me for a while… First… I am not sure how familiar you are with the concept of the law of attraction. This plays a huge part in the way our opportunities present […]

To my True Spirit Mirrors

What do I want from my people? MY people?

As if I hadn't made this clear enough...

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series What Do I Want For Myself Personally

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series What Do I Want For Myself PersonallyThis post has a purpose of scaring away the weakling as much as to reassure the right people that yeah, I DO mean them. In many ways, my ideal people are social outcasts and oddities who may not think they are the first choice […]

The Party - spirit connections To my True Spirit Mirrors

… and when I want to hear the exact story of how they met… He delivers

(Continuing on about another post.)

This is continuing the post “Imagine what this feels like if you can” I wrote on the 16th my time… Would have made it 15th his… Writing that post, I nearly wrote down the name of one of my guys, or he was about to channel to me by using his own name (that he loves) but as he did […]

About my work To my True Spirit Mirrors

You know when you trying to fight an urge, it will come and bite you in the end

My theories need a bit of a tweak.

My Solid/Fluid Thinker theory which was about 98% right to begin with, I think, needs that 2% tweaking and that, essentially, means the uprooting the whole GOD DAMNED thing again. I’ve been fighting it, thinking it just can’t be, but it is… The Fluid state is simply a state of weakness in a sense, and that weakness strikes in relation […]