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The X stands for the Thoughts


I need to change tact… Although this has been my goal all along.

Teach the aware to focre the unaware to evolve or fall behind

Now imagine this. Umm… Call me an anti-feminist and I wear that brand proudly, but women have gotten away with relatively little demands since forever. If the biggest complaint a woman has is that she is required to be pretty and bear children, then… She’s got it pretty good, don’t you think, compared to men who have the requirement of […]


Pretty girls may play it safer than… the unattractive girls, if I may be blunt for a while

I know this is not necessarily a nice post but hell. We're all adults, no?

I need to say something… To men, primarily. This is again one of those posts that nobody is supposed to write or say, or think about, but I think it’s important to start discussing things among adult as they are, rather than treat adults like over-sensitive teen-agers who STILL cannot handle reality too well… But I’ll try to be as […]


204 friends and counting… Or do they?

Let me just make this comparison to you… I’ve been active on social media since the invention of freaking Blogger.com which was in 1999 or something. In all that time, I’ve made a few friends, met a few people, but NOWHERE have I made such a fast rise of friends as on AdultFriendFinder.com. Now, I understand that real life friends […]

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Why being childfree helps me to be me…

A spin from my previous post...

I mentioned in my previous post how I chose to be childfree in order to have the freedom to be me, MORE so than having children would… And I wish to elaborate because that’s what I do best. :D Being a mother is a very bog-standard role. While we have expectations on ourselves when we are single and childfree, the […]

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Flowerhat bullying: I don’t want to be talking about sex, stop talking about sex!

Here's how to react to others talking about sex... With a more grown up attitude than before.

I could take a grown-up, loving, and supporting approach to this post, and I will get that out of the way right now: Everyone has a right to seek for the kind of company they appreciate, including and not limited to eliminating all openly sexual people from their circle of friends, but what nobody should have the right to do […]

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Why am I taking so long…

Most startups take 2 years to make a┬áprofit if they survive the first year at all, with proper investment and setup. Overnight success, apparently, takes anywhere from five to 20 years, and that is sort of what I am aiming for… I started out with no investment, with zero help, and, zero preparation. I actually didn’t INTEND for any of […]


About age.

I am a 24-year old born in 1976

I have an incredibly hard time comprehending my own age. I love the feeling of feeling about 25, thereabouts, maybe even younger, all the while I keep counting back stuff that happened 15, 20, 25 years ago. I find the contradiction amusing. I feel like I’m only starting out, but the numbers just don’t make any sense to me. How […]