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The X stands for the The Party – spirit connections

The Party - spirit connections

No more girlfriends – only girl rivals

I just reached a realization that has probably been on the works for quite some time… I’ve got issues with women, as you know, and I’ve always tried to “play fair” with them. I just realized that I’ve been treating women as my inferior, or like people I had to protect somehow, to cater to or to feed them men. […]

The Party - spirit connections

The eloquent descriptions of… everything

The non-verbal observational thoughts automatically translated into English

The way I’ve figured the telepathy between us, at least, works, is that… First of all; since we have several different language backgrounds, and we’re all into words and expressions, we altered the way the translations work from using the closest possible English-Finnish-English (or other) translation available to a LITERAL translation of it by simply noting how cool that would […]

The Party - spirit connections

Publishing my spirit arguments makes my missguides accountable

To a Fluid Thinker, arguing is a social thing, but when it's public, one has to think twice.

I’ve been having these SAME EXACT arguments with my missguides for nearly the entirety of this time I’ve actually been clairaudient, as in nearly 5  years. The same stuff repeats, like… It’s like they’ve watched an exciting TV series, then, by the end of it, they’re like: “Wow that was an entertaining one, let’s watch it again!” and they start it […]

About my family The Party - spirit connections

I don’t think I like people when they are near my mom

Oh wow. :D

I just realized something. I have never really been able to hang out with my family and friends of family without my mom being around. I just came to think of the parents of a friend of mine who I used to play Barbie with, and when I decided to go see them the last time I visited home, my […]

The Party - spirit connections

About bagging a bloke – and my issues with it

I need to know he wants me, or I would never do it

The trouble with the bloke bagging techniques that some women are really freaking good at is that they work even when the guy wasn’t that into you. That is what makes them really troublesome. They also work on women, and I’ve been “bagged” into several relationships, both friendships and romantic in style, and I simply go along with it because […]

The Party - spirit connections To my True Spirit Mirrors

… and when I want to hear the exact story of how they met… He delivers

(Continuing on about another post.)

This is continuing the post “Imagine what this feels like if you can” I wrote on the 16th my time… Would have made it 15th his… Writing that post, I nearly wrote down the name of one of my guys, or he was about to channel to me by using his own name (that he loves) but as he did […]

The Party - spirit connections

I’m sorry but I’m doing my own thing from now on

Where I'm going, I'm going alone

I apologize to my True Spirit Mirrors the territorial context of this post, please attach as humble tone of voice to this as you can, under the circumstances… As the time draws close, I get the feeling that my missguides still can’t comprehend what has happened. They all seem to have agreed that I get the first pick of the […]

The Party - spirit connections

Imagine what this feels like… If you can.

My guys… Half of them are super famous. There’s a lot of them, I can’t deny. Too many for anything reasonable, logical, or realistic, or in any way… Imaginable the way we understand relationships today. Somehow it works, even though the monsterous ghost of monogamy and jealousy, particularly of the guy’s closest friends ensues. However… It’ll work itself out I’m sure, […]

The Party - spirit connections

More on that self-isolation and what is to come.

It's called the Purge

During the last five years, I’ve gradually cut contact to near all of my former friends. This has been a little bit of a social experiment on who would notice if I’m gone, among other things. Although I understand sometimes a person disappearing is taken as a sign this relationship is over – and in the case of some friends […]

The Party - spirit connections

Tarot led: What my female friends think about me that isn’t true

I don't know what's going to come up, but I'll just go with it

So OK, I get this “order” to bust some myths about me that my friends (women in particular) hold about me that are not true. There’s a reason why I’m doing it, one of them to eliminate any fake friends and people who wouldn’t want to associate with me if they knew me for what I am in reality. I’m […]