I might like it in there…


The X stands for the Me


My best tip to having guys swoon at your feet…

And not everyone will be able to do this, either.

My spirit following, the women, are always asking me one question: “How do you make guys fall in love with you so fast?” The first answer is always: “I don’t make them do anything,” but things are a bit more simple than that: I see them for who they are, instead of someone I wish they were. I see all […]

The Party - spirit connections

No more girlfriends – only girl rivals

I just reached a realization that has probably been on the works for quite some time… I’ve got issues with women, as you know, and I’ve always tried to “play fair” with them. I just realized that I’ve been treating women as my inferior, or like people I had to protect somehow, to cater to or to feed them men. […]


Stupid fun, stupid calm, insane way to find peace of mind for you and your soulmates

Camming. I mean... Camming.

I’ll take you back in time for 24 hours or so. I was talking to a friend of mine on Facebook. A girl, like a real life human female that I still call a friend after my 5 years of Hell locked into a constant conversation with too many women to save sanity. I had mentioned something about T. on […]


The reason why I don’t actually refer to myself as a “polyamorist” even though it sorta fits

The pile of rejects and desperados...

Polyamorist circles are funny. I haven’t actually ever hung out with them, but I read their stuff… And I’ve drawn some conclusions. Let me elaborate a bit. I’ve never been possessive of my men. I don’t understand the kind of attitude that I should “claim” a man for myself and to tell him what he should or should not do […]


My job situation… What am I exactly?

My only official qualification is that of a dress maker.

I know all of this is very bizarre. :D Although I am the most skilled in computer technologies, web designing and web developing, I haven’t got an official qualification for that. I’ve always done the most studying in web design, but I was a year short from graduation when I stopped caring… But I was also falling back in studies because […]


Me and makeup – about as good a match as your average bloke is


So I am so clueless about everything makeup, but I need to do something because when I shoot videos and photos with my smartphone, it is not gentle for natural beauties. XD It’s like “I can see a blemish brewing in there underneath the layers of your skin, I will do you a favor and highlight it for you so you’ll […]

The Party - spirit connections

The eloquent descriptions of… everything

The non-verbal observational thoughts automatically translated into English

The way I’ve figured the telepathy between us, at least, works, is that… First of all; since we have several different language backgrounds, and we’re all into words and expressions, we altered the way the translations work from using the closest possible English-Finnish-English (or other) translation available to a LITERAL translation of it by simply noting how cool that would […]


I was in town today. It’s such a pretty town, too.

Ugly beautiful   Just beautiful   The eerie feeling of the waiting room being emptied and the doctors, nurses, receptionists, and cleaning ladies starting to clear out home… And you’re still waiting for your friend.   In Hobart, they color code the car parks to stop OCD freakouts. Yellow is still not a popular color.   Filter magic. :p   […]

The Party - spirit connections

Publishing my spirit arguments makes my missguides accountable

To a Fluid Thinker, arguing is a social thing, but when it's public, one has to think twice.

I’ve been having these SAME EXACT arguments with my missguides for nearly the entirety of this time I’ve actually been clairaudient, as in nearly 5  years. The same stuff repeats, like… It’s like they’ve watched an exciting TV series, then, by the end of it, they’re like: “Wow that was an entertaining one, let’s watch it again!” and they start it […]

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I don’t think I like people when they are near my mom

Oh wow. :D

I just realized something. I have never really been able to hang out with my family and friends of family without my mom being around. I just came to think of the parents of a friend of mine who I used to play Barbie with, and when I decided to go see them the last time I visited home, my […]