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The X stands for the About my work

About my work

Finally on LinkedIn

Those of you who know me, know that I hate Linkedin. I have, all my life, been aiming for something rather nameless, something I knew was there but I couldn’t quite pinpoint for myself. Something GREAT, MASSIVE, IMPOSSIBLE-TO-REACH even. Today, I got an email notification from LinkedIn that I didn’t ignore like I usually do, but actually clicked through to […]

About my work

I love reading my old posts that were so calm and spiritual…

But what happened?!

When I first started writing about spirituality I had no idea what kind of a war it would start for me on the spiritual level. My first posts were written with such love and compassion, and they were truly nice to read, reaffirming, reassuring, non-judgemental. Then, my tone changed into aggressive, argumentative, and some might say legislative considering how much […]

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You know when you trying to fight an urge, it will come and bite you in the end

My theories need a bit of a tweak.

My Solid/Fluid Thinker theory which was about 98% right to begin with, I think, needs that 2% tweaking and that, essentially, means the uprooting the whole GOD DAMNED thing again. I’ve been fighting it, thinking it just can’t be, but it is… The Fluid state is simply a state of weakness in a sense, and that weakness strikes in relation […]