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The X stands for the To my MissGuides

To my MissGuides

I guess I have to write this out; Why don’t I care what people say behind my back

To the ashtonisment of the gossipers

I have never thought twice about what people say behind my back about, most likely, about my sexual behavior. I know that people have spoken about it, some, at least, but it never stops to make me gasp for air how STILL this day and age, people can be amazed or shocked about someone who is non-monogamous or has otherwise¬†non-standard […]

To my MissGuides

The confusion of “I need to be admired”

Another one of my Missguide's misunderstandings cleared...

OK. I’ve been writing the Soulmate Typology for freaking yonks. It is a description of what different soulmates are like and feel for each other, and in it, the Exact Spirit Mirrors are described as people who have a genuine admiration and appreciation of each other’s qualities. As I’ve tried to explain to my mother, in particular, why I don’t […]

About my Karmic Soulmates To my MissGuides

OK, that “poser” accusation is bugging me. Like WTF?!

This too will derail quick

So I was asking again about them thinking I’m a poser because… Fuck, nothing could be further from the truth as far as I’m concerned (apart from what I admitted to; trying to tidy up in public and trying to look somewhat professional online, not even having energy of doing a very good job of that, to be honest). So […]

About my Karmic Soulmates To my MissGuides

More Q&A from my girl followers who simply don’t get it

I'm sorry everyone. Skip this one if you're quite glued in.

If I‘m quiet around you… (as opposed to people in general being quiet) Don’t read too much into it if we’re in a relationship, I tend to zone out sometimes (I do hear voices after all),but I do not get quiet because I am angry, unless we’ve actually had an argument and I don’t wish to argue anymore, but I […]