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The X stands for the About my family

About my family

My new found confidence and running from mum at sight

I thought she'd never join Facebook.

I know I’ve wanted to sort of be public about who I am, amongst many things, a bit of a kinkster. I have a profile on Facebook that was meant to be a bit naughty but I didn’t use it, the profile photos just ghosted around with mutual friends list, and I’m sure a lot of people got a little […]

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Why being childfree helps me to be me…

A spin from my previous post...

I mentioned in my previous post how I chose to be childfree in order to have the freedom to be me, MORE so than having children would… And I wish to elaborate because that’s what I do best. :D Being a mother is a very bog-standard role. While we have expectations on ourselves when we are single and childfree, the […]

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I don’t think I like people when they are near my mom

Oh wow. :D

I just realized something. I have never really been able to hang out with my family and friends of family without my mom being around. I just came to think of the parents of a friend of mine who I used to play Barbie with, and when I decided to go see them the last time I visited home, my […]

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I always wanted to date an orphan

Although I once was in a long (in my books) relationship with a guy whose mom I loved so much I was half thinking of staying because his mom was so cool, but for the most part… I wish families weren’t there. Considering how my family is with me, I find it VERY HARD to be happy about someone else’s […]

About my family Insanity

My issues with my parents… Over it, I think.

I knew my mother's love was about performance, but I still didn't see it clearly

For those of you who have children, do have a good read of this, because this may well save the relationship you have with your children. I’m a performer. I love to be the best. I am very competitive, love attention for what I’ve achieved over how I’ve failed and need support. I hate losing, and that’s why I tend […]