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About my work

Finally on LinkedIn

Those of you who know me, know that I hate Linkedin. I have, all my life, been aiming for something rather nameless, something I knew was there but I couldn’t quite pinpoint for myself. Something GREAT, MASSIVE, IMPOSSIBLE-TO-REACH even. Today, I got an email notification from LinkedIn that I didn’t ignore like I usually do, but actually clicked through to […]

To my True Spirit Mirrors

How nuts am I allowed to go when one of you likes two of my Instagram photos?


It felt like a bait, because I always yap about my age vs. aging stuff, so I said something. I feel that 16-year old fangirl creeping up. Sorry. I can’t help it.


I need to change tact… Although this has been my goal all along.

Teach the aware to focre the unaware to evolve or fall behind

Now imagine this. Umm… Call me an anti-feminist and I wear that brand proudly, but women have gotten away with relatively little demands since forever. If the biggest complaint a woman has is that she is required to be pretty and bear children, then… She’s got it pretty good, don’t you think, compared to men who have the requirement of […]

About my family

My new found confidence and running from mum at sight

I thought she'd never join Facebook.

I know I’ve wanted to sort of be public about who I am, amongst many things, a bit of a kinkster. I have a profile on Facebook that was meant to be a bit naughty but I didn’t use it, the profile photos just ghosted around with mutual friends list, and I’m sure a lot of people got a little […]


Pretty girls may play it safer than… the unattractive girls, if I may be blunt for a while

I know this is not necessarily a nice post but hell. We're all adults, no?

I need to say something… To men, primarily. This is again one of those posts that nobody is supposed to write or say, or think about, but I think it’s important to start discussing things among adult as they are, rather than treat adults like over-sensitive teen-agers who STILL cannot handle reality too well… But I’ll try to be as […]


204 friends and counting… Or do they?

Let me just make this comparison to you… I’ve been active on social media since the invention of freaking Blogger.com which was in 1999 or something. In all that time, I’ve made a few friends, met a few people, but NOWHERE have I made such a fast rise of friends as on AdultFriendFinder.com. Now, I understand that real life friends […]

Rants Mothafucka

Salt about women and men and my anti-feminist views

The collective feminine is weak, under-handed, manipulative, self-serving, and self-congratulating, not the fucking Mother Goddess it claims to be

I have said it before, and I will probably die screaming out “power back to the male gender!” but I’ll rinse and repeat: Women demand a lot of stuff. They demand equal treatment without them having to act or perform equally, they demand that the bar is lowered so they can climb over it (with the help of men preferably,)¬†and […]


My best tip to having guys swoon at your feet…

And not everyone will be able to do this, either.

My spirit following, the women, are always asking me one question: “How do you make guys fall in love with you so fast?” The first answer is always: “I don’t make them do anything,” but things are a bit more simple than that: I see them for who they are, instead of someone I wish they were. I see all […]

The Party - spirit connections

No more girlfriends – only girl rivals

I just reached a realization that has probably been on the works for quite some time… I’ve got issues with women, as you know, and I’ve always tried to “play fair” with them. I just realized that I’ve been treating women as my inferior, or like people I had to protect somehow, to cater to or to feed them men. […]


Stupid fun, stupid calm, insane way to find peace of mind for you and your soulmates

Camming. I mean... Camming.

I’ll take you back in time for 24 hours or so. I was talking to a friend of mine on Facebook. A girl, like a real life human female that I still call a friend after my 5 years of Hell locked into a constant conversation with too many women to save sanity. I had mentioned something about T. on […]