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204 friends and counting… Or do they?

Let me just make this comparison to you… I’ve been active on social media since the invention of freaking Blogger.com which was in 1999 or something. In all that time, I’ve made a few friends, met a few people, but NOWHERE have I made such a fast rise of friends as on AdultFriendFinder.com. Now, I understand that real life friends and social media friends are two very different things and that these are not entirely comparable, but also, I’m telling you… They are NOT comparable.

If you’re like me, you’re forced to put on a front on mainstream social media. You HAVE TO pretend to be something you’re not, to clean up your act, and to dull down your opinions and your observations and what not. On an adult dating site, you get to be whatever the hell you are – if you are like me that is. I’m sure some people feel pressured to put on a brave face, namely those people who are there to appease their spouses, which, I’m sure, exist… But by and large, people on an adult site are there because they freaking want to be, there’s not many other motivations for it, is there. On social media, it’s often a must… And then there’s the musts of what content to share for maximum exposure, all the while you’re faking it every step of the way and people can sense it, too. You put up a front and it is not genuine, nor consistent because it is NOT genuine… But your genuine self simply isn’t appreciated in many places online.

Now… People like to trivialize friends made through sex or while talking sex. The funniest thing is, that they dispute the value of people who want to talk to other people who like sex. They talk as though these were inferior people, less intelligent people, and less driven or whatever. This, all the while as they want these people to turn back from these sites and rejoin the normal society – forcing (or attempting to coerce) these people to hide and deny that side to themselves and to behave normally… As if that would actually change them.

How many times have you heard prudish women scoff at each other along these lines: “Well, OF COURSE he likes her, she gives him sex!” They say this as though “giving sex” to a guy was abnormal or something akin to… I don’t know… Giving him what he wants… OK, let’s turn this around. It would be the same as though a guy would scoff at another guy: “Well of course she likes him, he gives her cuddles and kisses!” (And, in reality, a girl who loves sex is never short of cuddles and kisses, but the way the stereotypical women like to trade with sex, it’s like cuddles and kisses up front, and then I’ll give you a reluctant dose of sexual attention, but only after…)

Then, they’ll scoff at blogs like this and go: “Of course the men like her, she tells them everything they want to hear!” Men would write a blog about women’s flaws, and women would be like: “Oh I really like his blog, I’ll just go in for more of the same because he’s such a nice guy…” It is an OF COURSE that people go where they feel welcome and liked, and there’s nothing weird about it. And if people who love sex and “perverted” people, they SHOULD hang out with the like-minded, NOT try to suffocate their desires to appease people who would rather talk about ANYTHING but sex.

I feel like I am not fully making my point but I’m sure you are… capable of grasping the gist of it. :)

Modified on March 8, 2017

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